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Bicycles May Use Full Lane Many jurisdictions have installed “Share the Road” signs. These are allowed as small additional signs under a standard “Bicycle Crossing” symbol sign under the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. The Bicycle Technical Committee of the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices has recommended the use of “Bicycles May Use Full Lane” signs. This message is clearer than “Share the Road,” and is on a rectangular white regulatory sign, as opposed to a diamond yellow warning sign. The problem with “Bicycles May Use Full Lane” is that it implies that bicyclists may not use the full lane where the sign is not posted. Similar signs have been already tried in some areas. In any case, either type of sign is most needed along roads where the right lane is too narrow for a bicyclist and motorist to safely share at the same time, particularly on uphill grades.

Share the Road Bumper Stickers

Place them on police cars and other official vehicles. You can buy them from ProBicycle.
Share the Road Bumper Sticker
Share the Road License Plates
Many states have specialty license plate programs. The plates can have an official “Share the Road” message and bicyclist image. Typically an additional fee is charged for the plates and for registration. These additional funds can go to a not-for-profit organization to be used for bicycle programs. These speciality plates are available in Florida, Ohio , South Carolina, and Washington, an official Share the Road sticker for license plates is available.

Share the Road Public Service Announcements
Radio and TV PSAs have been produced by the Bicycle Coalition of Maine. They are also distributed by the Connecticut DOT and the Indiana Bicycle Coalition.

Sharing the Road with Bicyclists: What the Law Says
It is helpful to produce short brochures summarizing the law concerning bicycling. These can be distributed in public places or mailed with driver license renewals. Bicyclists may also want to carry them in case of a dispute with a motorist or with law enforcement. The Don’t be a Road Hog brochure originated in Toronto and has been adapted by the City of Boston and the State of New Hampshire (pdf). (The other side, Don’t be a Road Warrior, is directed at bicyclists.)

Drivers Manual and Examination
Bicycling should be incorporated throughout the drivers manual. Most of the driving rules apply to all vehicles, and this should be clear from the manual. The Highway Code of the United Kingdom is a particularly good example of incorporating bicycling in a drivers manual, and it has excellent graphics. Driving instruction and examinations should incorporate material on cycling.

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  1. Thanks for your article. We did a test market for our campaign and found that the Yellow Warning sign with Bicycles Allowed Use Of Full Lane. Change Lanes to Pass, was easier to see, easier to understand and looked more authoritative/ official and was directed more to drivers as opposed to the regulatory sign. It was almost as if the regulatory sign was taken as not too serious. Sort of like a 30 MPH sign where everyone does 40MPH and it’s the norm. Many drivers think that they have priority and a sign that implies “maybe” also implies to that type of driver that when a cyclist is in the road then “maybe” they really should be taught a lesson as to when they may take the lane. Thanks.

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