Bikes Belong?

Bikes Belong ad “Remember me?”This morning I cycled past a bus shelter near home and noticed that there was a Bikes Belong ad:

Remember Me? I was the first birthday gift that you asked for and actually got. We’d get away and explore new places, limited only by imagination and sunlight. All the other kids wished they were you: lucky, fast, and free. What do kids wish for now?Continue reading →

New Bike

Jamis Commuter 3.0 2007A few weeks ago I bought a new bike — a Jamis Commuter 3.0. Mine is black, the 2008 model, but Harris Cyclery was good enough to put on the 2007 bars, which are more of the moustache variety, and a shorter stem. I also put on a lighter, narrower seat, a Delta rack, toe clips, and Cateye LED lights. It’s been great fun to ride.Continue reading →

New Look, New Purpose

I’m finally getting around to redoing the old “Bicycle Transportation Institute” website. BTI was a noble idea. We made a good attempt at getting the organization going, but it never quite got going and hasn’t been functioning for many years now.

I wanted to use this site to make available several pieces of work I’ve done over the years that many people have found useful:

I also wanted to use the site to highlight new developments as they come up. I hope that we will also feature posts from other authors.